QR code while not at home

I’m 930 miles away from my home and my internet shut off for 2 hours. Now my doorbell isn’t working unless I give it my QR code to restart it again, but obviously I cant unless I asked my neighbors to give me the QR code, which I think is not smart because now someone else knows my qr code … so now I have no doorbell/video monitoring my front door. what a flawless design. I’m paying the company every month for service to monitor, but I guess I still have to pay a full amount with half the service. Why can’t you just add the QR code in the ring app, sort of like a serial number? Makes more sense to me. Makes it easy for all of us.

Hi @James2021
I have a similar issue with my video doorbell at my Rental condo. I live out of country and my doorbell went offline when I had to change my internet at the condo. There is no way to reset it remotely, as far as I know. As chance would have it, my storm door mysteriously shattered a few days after my video doorbell went offline so I have no idea how it happened. The only incident in years of having this doorbell and I didn’t catch it on video :woman_shrugging: