QR Code Reactivation/Transfer Catalog

With a fully functional system, it would be a great feature to be able to generate a QR Catalog for all your devices for reactivation. I am building a fairly large Ring security package, and am planning on leaving the system with the house when I move. While I have most of my QR codes, they are in a variety of formats., and it seems less than professional to pass off all the codes in a scrapbook, or worse, box of loose codes!! WIth the maturing of the security system, I can see them becoming a more common feature to be sold with the house. Being able to print up a transfer package for the new owner would be a nice feature.

Or do as I do, keep a binder of all the manuals and various information that would go with the house. HVAC, stove, washer, ceiling fans, etc. are included.
I got one when I purchased the house I live in and have kept it up.