Push Notifications to Desktop via browser service worker

I enjoy using the Ring app (on iOS).

However, as a desktop based worker it would be beneficial if I could get desktop notifications whilst I work when there is motion detected or someone at the door.

I wrongly expected this would already be a feature, enabled by logging into the Ring.com account in a browser. However, it looks like the current web application does not register a service worker.

A simple subscription to push notifications via the browser using the standard PushAPI would be useful. And the notifications could simply notify me of motion, or someone at the door, with a captured image, and a button to view the camera via the web application.

This notification alone would be enough to draw my attention, and then look at my mobile device.

I often have my phone on silent/DND whilst working, as I am sure many desk based workers would.

Interestingly this community does have a service worker registered, and notifications enabled, so I can find out when someone has replied or upvoted this post.