Push Notifications for Camera Offline

I have a fully equipped smart home. From Ring Alarm to 4 cameras, 15 echo devices, 20 smart lights, 8 smart plugs, garage door opener, water & smoke/co detectors, thermostat and locks. What amazes me is that every device in my home will send me a notification if it goes offline besides my Ring Cameras! Isn’t this supposed to be a security system? Its no threat if one of my plugs, lights, or thermostat is off but it could be a different case if one of my cameras are off! My alarm will notify me if it loses power or goes offline, why can’t the cameras do the same? Can it be linked as one? I really enjoy my smart devices not just for security but for every day living. It just doesn’t make me feel very secure not knowing if one of my cameras aren’t working. Please fix this Ring!

+1…I feel the same way!