Push notification when a motion sensor (Ring Smart Lighting) goes offline

I just looked at the History of my outdoor motion sensor (connected to Ring smart lighting bridge) and noticed that the sensor went offline twice yesterday. Once for 3 minutes and another for 20 minutes. I want to know when this sort of a problem happens. Please allow an option to get a push notification when a device connected to the Ring Smart Lighting Bridge goes offline.

They used to have that. They turned it off, because these stupid security lights have some sort of horrible bug in their firmware. They periodically go offline and then online for one minute, offline again for a half hour, back up for a minute. It’s all logged in the app, but they were flooding people’s phones with these alerts and the “solution” was to turn them off for everyone, with no option to turn them back on. (!)

The root cause remains, of course, so you have to periodically power cycle them to get them back to “smart” status again. This reminds me of the old weather stations that periodically required popping the batteries out and putting them back to get the temperature to show up on the base station again. Bottom line, if a human has to monitor and babysit a device, it isn’t a smart device. In some ways, these things are worse than the old “dumb” equivalents.

A sample: