Push Notification Sound

I too am stunned about the push notification using the same sound for a minor alert as with a burglar alarm. Ring uses the default sound which is the same sound as a general push notification from other apps. I am replacing my previous alarm whose control head died, it was 7 years old and “it” had different sounds for alarms and notifications.

I just bought the Ring alarm it and was very surprised and might not keep it because of this.

Here is the only workaround I could come up with, and it is not ideal.

There is one sound app on Google play called “Notificon” by Gautham S Yaji

It will allow you to select voice or custom sound notifications in an Android app.

All other apps that I found that were around a few years ago are no longer supported.

I downloaded a MP3 file from Soundbible.com called Siren Noise, but it could be any of their siren selections.

I used the app “Notificon” and selected the Ring app and then selected the siren sound.

The volume must be set in the general settings of the Notificon app, it uses its own volume setting.

Now I get a siren when an alarm occurs at whatever volume I set the Notificon app to use.

I had to turn off all other alerts entry delay and mode updates and event updates in the Ring app or I get an alarm entering or leaving. I turned off alerts on all of the individual sensors.

Basically any Ring notice for which you don’t want a siren sounding on your phone you must turn off, which is almost everything.

This is not ideal, because I used to like getting a simple push notification on my old alarm when it was armed or disarmed.

The sound it used was the default sound setting on an arm or disarm but a siren on an actual alarm, the way it should be.

It seems so basic. I have emailed back and forth with Nick ?? He said he put in a request, but this sould be at teh top of the list. I see many other people listing the same issue.

Ring desperately need to fix this.

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Desperately need this.

Since I have had ring professional monitoring I have only had two instances where my system went into alarm. Both times I was first alerted by a phone call from the Alarm Monitoring Center. While I certainly appreciate that I’m the kind of person who would much rather get notification on my phone first. So after the fact I noticed that I did get notification but the Ring app only allows a single ringtone for all its alerts, door opened or closed window open window close in alarm out of alarm and all that administrivia. I would much prefer to have a siren type alarm associated with an alarm. In other words provide different ringtones or whatever you want to call them for different events. Can you make that happen?

btw, your phone support staff told me to send product suggestions to ideas@ring.com, which doesn’t work anymore.

This is much needed! I just installed the Ring Alarm retrofit kit and I’m shocked if my alarm goes off I get the same notification as for a random app on the iPhone. this needs to me changed ASAP. The Doorbell has options for different sounds and alerts, why not the Ring Alarm? it’s the same app!