Push Notification - Logged out of Ring App

Does Ring have a way to notify me (either via text or email) that I am no longer logged into the Ring App? This would need to be a Push Notification from the Ring App to me. Otherwise, I have no idea if I’m logged into the Ring App. I’d have to check every hour to see if I am. So, if for some reason my account is dropped from the Ring App, without any notification, I would have to check. Another example is if I’m sleeping, if the Ring App has logged me out for some reason, then I would never know if the Ring App was active until I wake up. There HAS TO BE a way for Ring to notify me of doorbell or motion even if I am not logged into the Ring App. Please Advise

Hi @JK60BEAR. There is not an option to receive a push notification when you’re logged out of your Ring account, and you cannot receive motion alerts if you aren’t signed in. If you’re accessing the Ring app regularly after logging in, you won’t be automatically signed out. If you go more than 30 days without accessing the Ring app after signing in, you would be signed out. Clearing the app data and cache in your phone’s settings will also cause you to be logged out. If you’re experiencing issues with your Ring account, please follow up with our at one of the numbers available here for further assistance.

@Caitlyn_Ring. Thanks for responding to my question. Regards, JK60BEAR

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