Purple Chime Pros?

I bought a Chime Pro from Best Buy during Black Friday. I finally got around to openining it, and noticed the body was distinctly purple (lavendar?) compared to the attenenas and the plug on the back (which are white). I exchanged it at another Best Buy, and got another purple body. Which isn’t great, but it looks really terrible compared to the other white pieces of it that you can clearly see. Does anyone else have this problem?

Post a picture? Should be all white…

First shot.

Second shot. I’m doing this from my phone, hence the two messages for two pics.

That is strange. A tint of purple. I’ll look at mine when I get home. I don’t remember seeing the antenna being white and the body a slight tint of purple.

FYI, I went ahead and ordered another Chime Pro from Amazon. The main box was white as expected. I’m going to take the ones I have from Best Buy back. I had purchased two different Chime Pros from two different Best Buys in different states, both were purple. Looks like Best Buy got a bad batch of them.

It’s not the biggest thing in the world, but it looks so obviously wrong that it bothers me.

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Glad to hear you fixed it. I lost your post and couldn’t reply back. Mine was white. Hope there wasn’t a find a purple Ring chime and win a prize contest going on… LoL

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