Purchase Button on Adding Protect Plus Screen never Highlights

After entering billing data with credit card info, the ‘Purchase’ button never enables which means I obviously cannot purchase…? What is strange is that the ‘billing street address’ field does not allow any entry into this field which might be keeping the ‘Purchase’ button from enabling and coming to focus.
Looks like a CODING ISSUE to me as the ‘billing street address’ is pretty much a nothing field in comparison to the importance to the billing needs of Country, Postal Code, and State which all allow entry; just not the billing street address.

Running No VPN, Windows 10, Google Chrome Version 105.0.5195.52 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi @esommer11. If you haven’t already, try using a different web browser or a different device to enter in this information, as you should be able to type in the billing address on the “billing street address” field. If that still doesn’t work, please try sharing a brief screen recording or screenshot showing the “billing street address” field not allowing you to fill it in so I can share this with my team. Make sure to cover any personal information.

Hi Caitlyn… Thank you for your reply… I was going to send you a screen shot but I really don’t have to as there would be nothing to show to emphasize the problem. You know what the ‘Enter Credit Card Details’ screen looks like. The ‘Billing Address’ and the ‘Billing Address (Optional)’ fields never give me the ‘I’ beam icon when I hover over and allow me to type.

Running Google Chrome like a ba-zillion other people so something isn’t right there. I’ll try another computer but just wanted to reply and clarify.

Thank you Caitlyn… I used a different computer, same browser, and it now worked. Gotta love technology… Again, thank you for allowing me to confuse you to death!

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