Provide access to the native functionality of connected devices

There needs to be a way in the Ring app to access native functionality of attached non Ring devices or a way to preserve the functionality of the native app.
For example for a Schlage lock connected to my Ring alarm reveals several shortcomings in the integration.

  1. No way to configure auto-lock time,
  2. PIN length is limited to the weak 4 digits of the Ring Alarm (should be at least 6 or 8)
  3. No way to enable/disable lock tamper alarm.
  4. No way to change the lock master code
  5. Cannot configure any of the other advanced features I could use in the Schlage app.
  6. Alexa does not see the lock through Ring
  7. The Schlage app does not see the lock through Ring.
  8. Once the lock has been added there seems to be no easy way to re-configure it in the Ring app or the web site.

These limitations open up the whole system to potential compromise from the lock due to weak PIN codes and no ability to trigger the automatic locking for example.
The same thing applies to other certified WWR devices where the functionality is below the basic features of the native device.