"PROTECTSUBSCRIBER discount code isn’t available to you right now" as a subscriber


I’m looking for some support on an issue I’m having with the website, which doesn’t seem to let me use my subscriber discount. Essentially, when trying to use it on any purchase (oddly, other than 1st gen keypad and 1st gen motion sensors, which are already discounted), I get an error " PROTECTSUBSCRIBER discount code isn’t available to you right now". I do not have to type this in to get the message. The discount code is applied automatically, but just gives the error.

I suspect that part of the issue could be due to a recent house move.

  • I removed all devices from my ring account during the move, as I couldnt see how to change address that the devices were covered at.
  • During this time, I let my subscription continue so that I would still get coverage for my devices when I re-added, as per the T+Cs.
  • I then changed my details and re-added the devices at the new property (a couple of months later).
  • These devices show under “Protect Plus” plans as covered, other than one old floodlight cam which is now showing as covered under “Lifetime Basic Plan”?

To confirm:

  • I am a ring Protect Plus subscriber (confirmed on my account page)
  • I have been a subscriber continually since 2018 with no breaks.
  • I have used the subscriber discount before succesfully.

I tried speaking to support directly, but they kept telling me they couldnt investigate without an order, so I needed to order first (without saying I would get anything refunded, which looking at the T+Cs isn’t possible anyway).

Hi @user77928. I suggest reaching out directly to our support team to look into this for you. If the discount is not being applied to the applicable items in your cart and you have a valid Ring Protect Plan, the discount can be retroactively applied. Please send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter @Ring or give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.