Protection Plans

I have a Ring Doorbell and Four Arlo Cameras. I bought Arlo before RIng had security cameras. I am paying the 30/yr for my doorbell plan. I need to upgrade my cameras and wanted to switch to all Ring. I purchased a wired cam for my driveway and installed it yesterday. I figured I should test one out before I switch all my cameras. Now I see I need another 30/yr plan for that camera. I see no plans for multiple cameras so if I switch my last three cameras to RIng that means three more plans? At a tune of 150/yr? I see I have a choice of the plus plan for 100/year which would include all my cameras but also gives me 24/7 monitoring? I do not need monitoring, nor do I want it. I am just trying to see if I am missing anything. I currently pay absolutely nothing for Arlo. Yes I only have 7 days of storage but can download any and all videos I want so 7 days is way more than I need. I see with no Ring plan not only would I have 0 storage but I can’t download them either? Please tell me I am missing something here. This sounds ridiculous however would make the choice of what to do with my last three cameras simple. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

With the Plus plan you get much more. I think the best part is the warranty that will cover all devices as long as your a part of the plan. You also get monitoring but don’t have to use it.
I have attached a screenshot showing what you get with each plan. Hope this helps.