Protection Plan not transferred

I own a ring pro which I got at Christmas. Following the free trial of the protection plan, I took out an annual subscription.

I have since had to replace the ring pro doorbell due to a fault, however the 12 month protection plan hasn’t transferred across to the new doorbell device and the 30 day trial has run out.

I’m now frustratedly left with a situation where I’ve paid from a protection plan but currently can not view historic videos as it says I need to subscribe to the protection plan.

Does anyone from Ring even monitor these pages to resolve issues?
I can’t get hold of them over the telephone.

Hi @Robnewsham! Your subscription should automatically carry over, as long as the old device was not deleted off the account before the new device was set up and the transfer took place. If the old Ring device has been deleted already, but the videos and/or the subscription did not transfer over, our support team will be able to assist further with subscribing or applying current subscription. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

@marley_ring thank you for replying and the advice. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head in that the transfer wasn’t done one the orinupgina, device was deleted.

I’ll try and get hold of someone from the support team.

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