Protection plan for additional device

I had a ring doorbell for a few years but it packed in. I bought a new one and subscribed it to the plan. However now when I open the app on my phone it claims I have only days left of protection. What is going on? Oh and why am I being directed to a board for the UK when I logged in and created my account in the Netherlands?

Hi @8F481ACB-D6E9-430D-835F-DE0D88. If you are seeing messaging in the Ring app about your Protect Plan expiring, and you recently bought and installed this Doorbell, then this is probably notifying you that your free 30-day trial is about to expire. With a setup of a new device, you are given a 30-day trial of the Ring Protect Plan. Since the Ring Community does not have a specific board for the Netherlands, it may be directing you to the UK since that is geographically closer to you. I hope this information helps.