Protect Plus Trial

I recently purchased the 10-piece security kit and 3 stick-up cams from Costco. I was going to subscribe to the Protect Plus plan however; it’s telling me that all my devices are under the Protect Plus Plan trial until 06/09/2020. Does this mean I can now receive all the benefits that comes with the Protect Plus Plan, including the 24/7 active monitoring?

Hey @alex_lopez114. Just checking, but did you mean 06/09/2021? The Costco bundle normally comes with a free 1-year trial of the Ring Protect Plus Plan, an exclusive offer for Costco members when buying Ring products. If you saw this trial until 2021, then you are right, you will not need to purchase a plan until then! You can use all the same benefits of the Plus Plan, including the monitoring. Enjoy your free year! :slight_smile:

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Hey Chelsea!

Yes I did mean 2021! I am glad to know that! Thank you!