Protect Plus Plan - Please enable/add the feature of SOS "Button" to the RING App for a nominal charge/free?

I am unable to EVER use the "PRO Plan/Monitoring portion of the PRO Plan, even if I wanted to in my particular situation, thus paying an additional $100 a year for just the SOS feature/button is a bit much to me, especially being on a fixed income - RING allows the user to use the SOS “button” while in trial mode when a new RING item is purchased - this SOS feature is highly useful for a person living alone such as myself, and I wonder since RING is reputed to be “always home”, then why can I not see /answer the door, and then also send for help if I am at home or away from home? I should not need to purchase the full alarm monitoring system JUST AND ONLY to send for help, should I? Or perhaps add a nominal, (meaning quite small - I am on a fixed income) number of monies, say $10-$15-year add-on to allow the PLUS Plan folks to have that feature please?

This would be a huge help for folks such as myself - I have multiple RING items, and indeed just purchased yet another outdoor cam/extra battery 2 days ago, or I got this as my birthday present, I should add, so this would be a novel incentive for us PLUS Plan members - especially since pricing will be changing for many of us in 2025. Thank you for your serious consideration.