Protect plan

I had a Ring doorbell that gave me nothing but trouble, and then completely died. I returned it to where I bought it a couple of months ago and got a replacement. My subscription to be able to see the videos has not worked since then, keep getting the message that I required a subscription to activate the protect plan. I logged in and found that I still had two devices listed. There is no way to identify the two devices on the site. I cancelled the subscription.

How do I ‘delist’ one of the devices, and resubscribe to the other, current, door bell?

You could look in the app and see which device is working, then in the app release the old one. The problem I see is that you have the subscription for the old device, and you want to transfer that to the new device. I doubt that will happen automatically (but I am not sure). I would just call support and let them fix it all, so they can see the old one with the subscription and the new one. Just seems to me to be the easy route to make sure you are not chasing down “the next” issue.

You may need to call support to help with this. I would make sure you save any important videos you want to keep before deleting and uninstalling the original device.