Properly Integrate Ring Access Controller Pro so Users can open gate

I installed a Ring Access Controller Pro so that when the Ring Doorbell at my front gate rings, I can open the gate from within the Ring App. Unfortunately, the feature does not show up in the Ring app for other users to whom I have granted access to Ring. The only way to share the ability to open the front gate using Access Controller Pro is evidently to let the other users log in using my credentials. And you can only have three logins per username active simultaneously, but I have six family members. For such an expensive piece of hardware that is promoted as integrated with the Ring App, this is really annoying. It defeats the purpose of getting the Access Controller Pro in the first place. PLEASE fix this so that all authorized Ring users can control Access Controler Pro.

TheoGoldin is correct this should be a standard feature. Also privileged users should be able to unlock or open a gate for a delivery. Is there timing to when this would be available?

I am studying wether the Access Controller Pro is worthwhile, I have only 3 family members so it might acceptable but who knows if they limit this to just one install per device or not simultaneously or whatever…ugh.