Programming Ring Alarm ON/OFF

I completely replaced my ADT Pulse System with a Ring Alarm (retrofit kit as well).

You CANNOT program the alarm to auto arm/disarm.

This is particularly frustrating with a family. I cannot rely on my teenage son to set the alarm when he gets home at night… Nor can I rely on my 5 year old to turn the alarm off at 7am when he lets the dogs out. It’s already gone off 3 mornings… of course waking everyone up.

A simply “Arm Home” at 11:30pm and “Disarm” at 6am is all I need.

As I told customer service… I was able to set my VCR to start and stop at a certain time… IN 1982!

Needless to say, I will NOT be getting professional monitoring and I’m reconsidering a different system all together.

If the “engineers” can’t figure out 4 lines of code, this might help them:

Will be looking for a refund,