Products Update advice

There are some suggestions for the Ring team about Ring Alarm System and Spotlight Cam.

First, can we update the connection between our Ring Alarm System and our Spotlight Cam? Such as when our motion sensor detected motions, the Cam in the same room could turn on and record what happened in that room, instead of only depending on the Spotlight Cams’s own motion sensor.

Then, when the Alarm system has an alert, can Cameras operate until disarmed? If users do have several Cameras, they can record and review to check if everything is ok.

Finally, could we add a Custom Mode, so users can determine which devices they want to operate, and adds more flexibility? For example, during the daytime, users are allowed to turn on the sensors at certain locations and turn off the others.

Agree!! I just had a first floor alarm tripped but nothing was to be found! And my indoor camera didn’t record anything when that happened.