Product Launch: Video Doorbell Wired

The Ring Video Doorbell Wired is here. Our smallest wired doorbell camera yet has some awesome features for only $59.99! Learn more about these features below.

  • 1080p HD video with night vision
  • Advanced Motion Detection with Customizable Motion Zones
  • Works with Alexa
  • Two-Way Talk with noise cancellation

If you’re interested in adding this new Video Doorbell Wired to your setup, then you might enjoy the Ring Help Center articles below that are packed with more information.

Note: The new Video Doorbell Wired requires existing doorbell wiring for power supply or a transformer with 10-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz for continuous charging. It does not sound your existing doorbell chime. To hear audio alerts in your home, pair with a Ring Chime or compatible Alexa device.

We want to hear what you think of the new Video Doorbell Wired. Reply below with your feedback and questions.

Since this does not have a battery, does this get affected like the Gen2 does in the cold weather. I live up north, so this cold weather is not new. But this is my first winter with a Ring and the battery will not hold a charge preventing me from getting alerts and from viewing the live view.

Glad you asked, @MattCritt! The Doorbell Wired is perfect if you are looking to step away from battery power, which the benefit of wired is certainly seen in those colder regions. While there is not a cold weather/ battery temperature to be concerned about, as a reminder, all of our devices do still have a required operating temperature range. For the Doorbell Wired that operating temperature range is -5°F to 120°F (-20°C to 50°C). I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have a home that has a internal Door bell system like most houses at times if someone pushes my current ring door bell it rings the original bell… does this version work with an internal system or just only the ring chimes?

Can you please work with Samsung so this will work in smartthings . Please dont tell me its samsung because it has become a back & forth between samsung & ring to make sure all ring devices work with smartthings. I just purchased the new ring cam & it’s not integrating. Please for the love of god fix it.

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Hi there, @Lucaseeaston! As Riley mentioned in the above post,

The installation process will require the Doorbell Wired Jumper Cable to be connected in your chime kit, thus disabling the chime kit sound. This and more can be seen in greater detail via the links in the article above. :slight_smile:

I installed this one this past weekend to replace a first-generation Ring doorbell that needed to be retired. I’m so much happier. No more battery problems. Crip images. But with that said, I need the wedge ASAP. Ring needs to provide the corner kit for this one right now. I had one with my previous doorbell because otherwise, my videos and images were half a brick wall and a partial view of my porch. I have the same exact problem now because I do not have a corner kit. How long until we can get one? I’m attaching image so you can see what I see now without the corner kit

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I’m in Michigan. I had a first-generation Ring doorbell that started to give me problems with the battery these past few weeks. I have never had issues with the cold temperatures. But I guess it’s because my porch is quite protected from snow and other typical conditions from my state. But the battery was old. So I decided to give this one a shot. And glad I did!

I installed it last weekend. You have to bypass your doorchime if you have one that came with your house and you’ll need a Ring chime (we already have two at home; so we didn’t need to buy any this time.) Then it’s a very simple installation. I had no issues. Since it’s wired, no more battery problems. It’s also very inconspicuous as it’s so much smaller than the other doorbells.

My videos and images are crispier now. There are no bumps, no pixelation. And I’m still using my old lowsy Internet. So I would say, highly recommended for those of us living up north. I hope the performance and quality withstands the pass of time, like my previous one did (lasted us many years!)

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Good news @backpacker! I just checked the website for this and it looks like the Corner Kit is indeed available. Visit our accessories page at to see all the accessories available for the Doorbell Wired. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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You need to bypass your house doorbell. In other words, once you installed this one, your house doorbell will stop working. This means that you’ll need a Ring Chime if you want to still get like a regular doorbell chime. If you don’t get a Ring Chime, then you’ll need to rely on your phone alone.

I just installed this one to replace and old Ring doorbell. We already had a Chime and a Chime Pro at home. So I bypassed my old traditional boxy doorbell chime from my wall and now we rely on the Ring chimes to know when someone rings our doorbell.

I hope this answers your question.

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By the way, the Ring Doorbell Wired box comes with everything you need to install it, including the jumper cable to bypass your traditional doorbell chime.

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That was quick! Thanks! When I spoke with customer support over the weekend (related to another product that all of a sudden lost connection to my WiFi,) it was still not there. Thank you so much for making it available so fast! It does make a huge difference for those of us who have their doorbells in a “timeout” corner to put it that way. :wink:

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Is there going to be integration in the future with the Windows 10 app? Currently it’s not supported for Ring Doorbell Wired, and I find that odd.

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Hello, I recently fitted a wired doorbell which seems to be working as expected. However, there is an issue that we have noticed:

  • after pressing the bell push and activating the door bell chimes etc. the blue light spins on the bell push for a minute or so before the bell push can be pressed again to sound the chimes again.

Is the above normal or is there a fault/fix?