Product Launch: Smart Lights Solar and LED Lightbulbs

The new Smart Light devices announced at CES 2020 are now available for order! The three new Smart Light options are powered by the Sun and they need no wiring for easy installation. You can also add two smart LED lightbulb options, that offer adjustable brightness and custom light schedules when linked with a Smart Lights Bridge. Learn more about the five new devices now available below:

  • Solar Floodlight - An ultra-bright motion-sensing smart dual-head floodlight that illuminates large areas with powerful adjustable lights. Learn more here.
  • Solar Steplight - These are compact motion-sensing smart lights that are perfect for illuminating stairways, decks and other walkways. Learn more here.
  • Solar Pathlight - This is a compact motion-sensing smart path light that’s perfect for illuminating paths and landscaped areas. Learn more here.
  • A19 Bulb - This indoor/outdoor bulb is weather resistant and offers a neutral white light that is the equivalent of a 60W incandescent light. Learn more here.
  • Par38 Bulb - An ultra-bright outdoor weather-resistant bulb perfect for illuminating outdoor areas with the equivalent of a 120W incandescent light. Learn more here.

Want to know more about how these new Smart Light devices work? Check out our Ring Help Center links below.

Are you excited to add this new lighting to your setup? Let us know in the comments below.


When are they coming to UK ? I’m still waiting for the first lot of lights to come to UK


Can you provide release dates for other countries please. I am in Canada


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Did you ever get an answer for this?

Hey neighbors! The newly released Ring Smart Lighting products we highlighted in this post are currently only available in the USA. All battery and wired products from the Smart Lighting line are available in Canada, but not the newly released ones highlighted in this post. Solar Smart Lighting Products and the Smart Lighting bulbs are only available in the USA. We do not have an ETA at this time when the additional, newer products will be available in Canada, and no ETA on when will bring these systems to other global markets. We will make sure to post new announcements when this comes up. Thank you neighbors!