Product Launch: Chime and Chime Pro

The Chime and Chime Pro are here! These updated versions of the classic Chime and Chime Pro are a stylish addition to any setup. Both are compatible with all existing Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras, plug into standard wall outlets, and let you hear real-time notifications anywhere in your home. Learn more about each of them below.

Hear alert notifications loud and clear from your Ring Video Doorbells and Cams, anywhere you place this Chime in your home. Learn more here.

Chime Pro
Hear alert notifications loud and clear from your Ring Video Doorbells and Cams, anywhere you place this Chime Pro in your home. It has dual band connectivity, which allows you to connect to your 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network to extend your wifi signal to your Ring Video Doorbells and Cams. Additionally, it has a built-in automatic nightlight for added peace of mind. Learn more here.

Note: Please make sure your Ring app is up to date before setting up your new Chime or Chime Pro. You can do so by following this link to confirm your app is up to date.

If you want to know even more about the Chime and Chime Pro, make sure to check out these Ring Help Center articles below.

If you have any questions or update on how you plan to add a Chime or Chime Pro to your setup, let us know by replying below!

I asked this same question in one of the other support forums prior to the official release, but no one was able to provide an answer…

I purchased two doorbells, one for each entrance to our home. If I pair both my front and back Video Doorbell Pro devices to the new Chime v2 or Chime Pro v2, can I have the device play a different chime for the front doorbell versus the back doorbell? This is something I’ve long been asking for so we’re not running from one to the other to see which the visitor is at. I have been unable to find anything in the documentation online. I do have a Chime Pro v2 on order, but it has not been released in Canada so I won’t see it until the end of the month. If it cannot do what the mechanical doorbell originally installed when the house was built in 1961 can do, I’m going to cancel the order.

Good question @ddalder! The Chime/ Chime Pros can link to multiple Ring devices to play a notification sound in your home. The alert tone from the Chime can certainly be altered, and is based on event type (motion or ring). You can certainly have a different tone for motion alerts versus ring alerts, but this is set based on alert type and a unique tone cannot be applied per linked Ring device.

If you are looking to differentiate sound alerts by device, there are various options such as purchasing 2 Chime devices, or adding an Alexa enabled device with a notification skill. As we always value our neighbors’ feedback and experience, feel free to add this as a request in our Feature Request Board.

Respectfully, I am baffled at how your engineering group can be so short-sighted. There seems to be little point in adding to the feature request board since I did this a VERY, VERY long time ago and it clearly went without serious consideration. These devices are supposed to improve the home experience, not take away from beneficial functionality that has been in place for decades.

My elderly mother has enough difficulty getting to one door before a person leaves, let alone two. Change can be more challenging for seniors than other age groups, but your product really has done nothing to help with this. I do have Echo devices in virtually every room of the home, but the Ring alerts are very difficult to hear. If the volume is adjusted to make them clear, every other alert is so loud that it’s deafening. I put a suggestion forward to Amazon to include a separate volume setting for Ring products in the Echo settings, but this has also never been addressed.

I’m really tired of having outlets littered with Ring chimes because I need to duplicate them in every room in which they have been installed, just to accomodate two doorbells. This really makes me question their development. My first thought is “Our products are so expensive that no one will ever spend $600 on two of these, so we really don’t need to worry about building in this feature”. Silly me for spending so much money I suppose.

I’m canceling my order with Amazon since there is virtually no benefit to the updated chime. I had been looking to upgrade my Pro doorbell on the front of the home to an Elite version, but instead I think it’s time to seriously look at a completely different brand.

I am exceedingly disappointed in Ring and how non-senior friendly your products are for people with mobility and hearing issues.


With your Starter Pro Kit and Every Day Pro kit which chime pro is included?

Under the “General - What is included in the box” section it states a chime pro is included, but doesn’t clarify if it’s the older model or the newer version 2.

If it’s the older model will the kits eventually come with the newer version, and when?

@Dieselrose - We can check on this for you. Can you confirm which location you are in? Thanks!