Problems with android 12?

My phone takes forever to load the live view or see who’s at my door. It’s a Pixel that has been upgraded to Android 12. My tablet, running Android 11 seems to work okay. Has anyone experienced this?

Neither Android 11 or 12 (also on a Pixel) was very quick at displaying Live View. I finally just gave up as I work from home full time, for now, and I can just as quickly (if not quicker) answer my door or check my other security cameras.
Live View is one of those things that Ring really needs to work on and get it better as the situation makes the whole purpose of having a Ring Doorbell in the first place was to answer it without having to be there.

Thanks. I guess I’ll just use the tablet. Answering the door in person isn’t an option since I’m out of town. Any idea if the Pixel 6 handles it any better?

I’m using a 4A 5G, so couldn’t say about a 6.