Problem with the installation - will the device be compatible with my intercom?

am i able to install ring intercom on this intercom?

Hi @bjanczak thank you for your question. Following investigation, our engineering team have determined your product is not currently compatible with the Ring Intercom system. Our engineering team continue to test and validate new models daily thus we recommend you monitor our Compatibility Checker Tool on as this status may change. Thank you for your query.

@Magnus_Ring Is there any possibility to install this on these wires now? Can I replace the intercom handset with another one that will work with these cables and be compatible with your ring intercom product?

Hi @bjanczak, Ring Intercom can’t be installed on your current intercom. However, if you decide to change your Intercom headset to a different model that is compatible with the Ring Intercom, it’s going to work.

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