Problem setting motion zones on Doorbell 2

The motion zone setup on my Doorbell 2 is shown over two pages of the app. The first page (step1) shows the 4 zone coverage view and any zone can be turned off if not required. Then hitting the continue button you are moved on to step 2. This page shows a min-max sensitivity adjustment slider. My problem is that being on seperate pages, I cannot move the adjuster and see what changes, if any, are being made. Am I missing something?

Hey there, @Pete-hd. Your observations are correct, and you are certainly doing this right. Optimising motion is best done through trial and error, as each environment varies. Activating the zones for detection and adjusting sensitivity separately presents the opportunity to adjust each individual option depending on the reaction of your current configuration. Keep in mind the sensitivity applies to your motion detection as a whole, rather than per zone. That being said, I can also very much understand your desire to visually confirm how sensitivity impacts your motion zones.

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Can I ask a question related here?

Doorbell 2: I need to adjust motion sensitivity. But where Motion Settings should be in the app there is Motion Snooze. Where do I go to adjust sensitivity? I recall setting it to 15-30 ft. But I want to make it closer. Thanks!

Hi @glennac63. You’ll have a motion sensitivity slider that you can adjust when you go to edit the Motion Zones in the Ring App. There will be two different steps under the Motion Zones, and one of them will have the sensitivity slider. I hope that helps clear things up for you! :slight_smile: