Pro2 Video doorbell installation help

I am in the UK, and currently have a video Pro 1 doorbell fitted and working fine, along with 2 ring chimes. Used the pro power kit that was supplied with the pro doorbell to bypass the original chime.
Just purchased a Pro 2 doorbell and upon reading the online instructions it says to install the INCLUDED pro power kit, and not to use the one already installed if there is one.
Firstly, there is no INCLUDED pro power kit in the box, nor in the list printed on the box of items included in the box.
Should there even be one?
I contacted Ring via live chat and the agent said I could use the transformer and original pro power kit that is already installed for my pro 1 doorbell. It states clearly on the website NOT to use the kit that is already installed (if there is one) and I must use the new pro power kit, but like I said, there isn’t one.
There is also no mention of the power kit in the instructions (quick start) inside the box.
I contacted tech support on the phone and the woman said they are going to send me one.
I am a little confused as to a. why it isn’t in the box if it is needed, b. if indeed it is needed as per website, why isn’t it listed on the box as included items, and c. if I do not need it, why does the website state I do?

Anyone know if I can just remove the doorbell part of the Pro 1 and install the pro 2 doorbell part, and leave everything else in situ, i.e. transformer and pro power kit as I was advised originally.

Hi @TONYA22. You mentioned you are located in the UK, so the installation process for the Video Doorbell Pro 2 in the UK will vary compared to in the US. You were likely reading installation instructions for neighbors located in the US. When purchasing the Doorbell Pro 2, you would have selected either Hardwired or Plug-In Adapter to choose if you wanted to use a transformer or the Plug-In Adapter. You can find the installation steps for the Doorbell Pro 2 in the UK here, which will cover both installation methods.

Are you replacing the Doorbell Pro with the Pro 2, or are you planning to have both of them installed at the same time? If you’re swapping them out, you do not need a Pro Power Kit to bypass your chime kit for the Pro 2. In the installation instructions I linked above, there will be a section covering how to bypass your chime kit using the provided wire nut. Make sure your existing doorbell system has a transformer that supports 16-24V AC, 10-40 VA, 50/60Hz.

If you have further questions regarding the installation of your Doorbell, I’d recommend following up with our support team using one of the numbers here. You can use the UK specific phone number between the hours of 7 AM to 7 PM GMT. I’d also suggest specifying that you are based in the UK, to ensure the proper information is provided.