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My name is Gauthier and hoping find some real help here.

My story:

19/04/2020 - After a year of doubting I bought my first ring product online, the Ring Doorbell Elite - 499 euros
23/04/2020 - Received my doorbell
05/05/2020 - I am browsing on the Ring website and I see the
doorbell Elite is suddenly 100 euros cheaper. I 've send an email
about this to and I received an automatic response that I
could only reach their support via chat / phone. Unfortunately the chat
is so hidden, only via the button in the mail you arrive at one
deviating support page with a “chat with us” button that just
looking for answers in the community. My last option was to call, but
the number I have to call is not available, ie (Belgium - 00 800
87 00 97 81). Since I have a maximum of 30 days to send it back, I had to talk to someone
to find out if there is any way to receive that 100 euro price difference. The only option to speak to someone is to call to the US
number. The person who helped me there (Niel) told me
that I would receive a prepaid return label after 24h 48h so I could
return my current Ring Elite. He told me that the only one
option to get that 100 euro difference back is to return the current one
so I can get a full refund and in the meanwhile order a new one at the price of 399 euro. The phone call to the US lasted 35 minutes,
because I first had to wait 17 minutes to get someone on the line
& he also had to discuss it with his manager.
06/05/2020 - The telephone call apparently cost me 70 euros,
I didn’t see this appear on my mobile until a day later after that call. Ofcourse I’m not stupid and I know some countries will cost money, but I was checking my phone all the time during to call to see if I didn’t receive a message of my provider that i’m 15 - 20 euro or something above my normal subscription. Called my provider about this said that its normal that I’m not notified during the call because oversees calls need to be processed. So I’ve send a mail to Ring again (not gonna call anymore) that I’m really not happy that I have these telephone costs because Ring’s support during COVID-19 is not what its used to be.
08/05/2020 - I still haven’t received a return label, so I can
do not return my doorbell. I have not received a response to my
mail about the telephone costs. But I already have
ordered a new Ring Elite.

Two questions:

  1. Where does my return label go, is it normal for this to take 3 days?
  2. What can Ring do about those telephone costs? I really hope that
    RIng realize this is not fair that end customers have to pay such amounts because Ring closing the most accessible support channels for people out of America.

Hoping for a positive answer.


Sorry to hear about this experience @ghuvenneThis is not at all the experience we intend for our neighbors and are here to assist in resolving these concerns. I’ve forwarded this feedback to the necessary teams here for the most efficient handling and future improvement on this experience. Someone from our team will be reaching out to you soon with a proper solution!

I wanted to also assist for any future endeavors in reaching out to our support. Please visit our help center article regarding our Response to Covid-19. At this time, our chat support is unavailable, but you may be able to reach out via email depending on your region. Keep in mind that phone support, and email support if listed, for your region is limited to specific hours, outlined in the article above. Feel free to inquire further during your conversation with our team, or even ask any further questions here. We are happy to help anytime! :slight_smile:

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