Preview not long enough on Echo Show 8 when doorbell rung

Hi All,

I have an Echo Show 8 and every time someone rings the Ring Video Doorbell 3, it shows up on my Echo Show 8 (I done this by using the YouTube video guide below), but it doesn’t show up for long enough, maybe only around 10-20 seconds, by the time you look at the Echo Show 8 its already gone back to the Home screen and you can’t see who is at the door anymore, I miss them on the screen virtually every time someone rings, is there anyway this preview can be set to last longer?

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Hi @RickyG512. The Live View shouldn’t time out that shortly. Have you tried disabling and re-enabling the Ring skill within the Alexa app? If not, I’d recommend giving this a try. You can find a list of troubleshooting steps for when your Ring and Alexa features have stopped working in our Help Center Article here. If those steps don’t do the trick, you can find a link to Alexa’s support team at the bottom of that article. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:

Yall are no help. Its to many threads of people having the same problem and all the “ring” employees give the same lousy trouble shooting on each one ive read. Disabling and enabling, restarting router, unplugging devices, etcs does not work! What did i spend hundreds of dollars for IF i can’t can’t use my devices for