Prerecorded replies/answers

I’d like the option to prerecord responses/replies/messages in the app that I can playback when someone is at my door.

Sometimes when I’m in the car or in a remote area, my mobile internet connection isn’t very great, making it hard to have a decent conversation.
It also happens sometimes that I’m in a meeting or in a noisy environment and it’s just not possible for me to talk with whomever rang my doorbell.

For these situations, prerecorded replies/messages that I can quickly send from the app, by the press of a button, would be ideal.
For instance, if it’s a package delivery, I can ask the person to leave the package at my backdoor.

If we’re in the garden, I can tell the person to just come around the back.

At least one competitor already has this (Quick Responses in the Nest video doorbell) and I think it’s a very good feature.