Powerkit 3 not working for Ring Pro 2

I installed the Pro power kit 3 in my mechanical chime box as instructed. Chime did not work. Even when I touched the alarm bell wires together the chime did not work. Ring device, however, was working fine. When I uninstalled the power kit then everything worked fine ie: both Ring and mechanical chime are working. However, app tells me that I am “level 3” underpowered. Asks me to replace transformer with 24 VAC 40VA. I specifically checked the compatibility of my transformer on the Ring website before I purchased this Ring and it was listed as “compatible”. RIng tech support had no idea about any of this and simply told me to buy a new transformer.

Hello @idoc. I responded to your comment here, but it looks like you provided more details to your concern here. Since you checked your transformer’s compatibility, I still recommend checking if your chime is compatible with the Pro 2. If your chime is compatible, then I suggest continuing to work with our support team. If it is an ongoing concern, you can ask to work with our advanced technical support team to continue investigating your issue.