Power supply gen 1

What is required to power the gen 1
I see on ring accessories there is a power adapter but only for gen 2 , also what is the ring wirewound ?

Great questions, @Jayshort! If you have the Video Doorbell 1, the Plug-In Adapters are not designed for this model Doorbell. You can, however, hardwire your Video Doorbell 1 to obtain a trickle charge to your battery and operate an existing chime kit. In the case where you are wiring your Video Doorbell directly to a low voltage transformer, a Wirewound Resistor is needed to be included in this installation as described further in our help center article. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the question, and answer! Tried a power supply in my Gen 1 but, as you’ve confirmed, it doesn’t work.
The instructions for the power supply were to disconnect the battery. I did that but now I want to revert to the original set up I’ve reconnected it. The connection seems to be ok as its picking up movement as it’s sitting on the kitchen worktop plugged in.
However, my dashboard now shows my doorbell power source as “Hardwired”, it won’t take a charge - been plugged in all night and is still at 2%, it won’t ring and just shows a white light when I press the button.
Is this irreversible?

Hi @userFBT. I suggest preforming a reset on your Doorbell, then reconnecting it to wifi. To reset, press and hold the orange setup button on the Doorbell for 20 seconds, then release. Once that is complete, go ahead and reconnect it to wifi. The power source should update shortly after that. Let me know if that helps!