power over Ethernet

I work with a major builder of homes in Florida. They install the video pro doorbell on their homes now. One of the problems we have is that homes in Florida are built using reinforced concrete block for the exterior walls, additionally they use metal studs for the interior walls. For the Ring doorbell this presents a challenge as the Wi-Fi signal can be weak to non-existent at the doorbell. I suspect you are getting 100s of doorbells being returned from Florida as faulty, where the problem is really a poor Wi-Fi signal? I’ve had cases where the Wi-Fi access point was less than 20 feet from the doorbell, yet the doorbell couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi. My suggestion is you make a model of the video pro that uses power over Ethernet to both power the doorbell and provide network connectivity. We install a PoE capable Ethernet switch in these homes to activate ceiling mounted Wi-Fi access points, so the PoE is already there. The use case for this model would be for new construction, as Florida is building >7K new homes every year I’d think that alone would make the business case?