Power Outage Feature for Stick up cam


I am experiencing power failures, between one to two a month on average.

My ring camera is connected to a wi-fi extender which when the power comes back will be on before the main router finishes booting.

What ends of happening is that the battery camera does not connect after power comes back and either you have to manually reboot it or if you wait around 24 to 36 hours it somehow reconnects itself (don’t know how exactly) but when it connects it usually drops 10 to 20 % of battery life.

Would it be possible to have a firmware and software update to the camera and ring app where you could select something called power outage mode where if the camera losses wi-fi / network connectivity connection you can select a time frame from when it should reconnect to verify wi-fi/network connectivity and if there is no signal and no network connection to go to sleep/conserve power for a set amount of time selected by the customer and try connecting again at that time so that it conserves power and I don’t have to manually reboot it.

So for example if there is a disconnection of connectivity for whatever the reason(power failure, bad wi-fi signal, ring outage) your settings would tell the camera how to behave in those scenarios. If signal is lost try for x amount of time then if unsucessfull conserve power and wait x amount of time and try again. So it could try for 1 minute and if unsuceesful wait 1 hour. Instead of trying for however amount of time and draining the battery power.

Please consider this feature request.