Power and WiFi disconnection/disruption time stamps/markers.

My building is under the management of a company who is trying to strong-arm me into moving due to modern day redlining/racism. They have been cutting the power to my unit, resulting in no WiFi to power my Poe ring device. They then come in and vandalize my apartment, then reconnect power after leaving and locking the door behind them. I am unable to prove this to police and insurance company because my ring just picks right back up where it left off with no marks or flags in the power cut. My request is for a “bookmark” on the time line when power or WiFi is cut, and a notification when it is later reconnected so that home owners will be able to narrow down the disruptions in coverage to a specific event, arming us with the ability to take something to the police to prove our power has been cut. My footage shows continued surveillance on my time line even though my power was cut for at least 60 seconds in and another 60 seconds on the way out, as many as three times. I’ve literally come home to my bed, sofa, and rugs covered in oil that burns the skin. Help Please.