Portable Panic Button Needed!

My wife had a stroke. Unfortunatly, I must still go to work. I purchased the 2nd generation keypad to put next to the couch so she has access to the emergency buttons. That will only work if she is sitting on the couch. I looked at the panic button and decided that would be useful for a desk or bedside situation.

I would like to see something light weight, chargable, and portable. Necklace (like Life Alert) or a bracelet that has a button that has to be held down to call an ambulance. If the button is activated any Ring users on that account should get an alert that the button has been pressed.


This is a very good idea, and would certainly make this closer to a more traditional alarm system.

Just try to explain to the kids how to set off the panic option and to remember which button to press shows the issue.

Excellant idea I am in the same situation or just be able to a third party button should not be hard to do.