Portable Panic Button Needed!

My wife had a stroke. Unfortunatly, I must still go to work. I purchased the 2nd generation keypad to put next to the couch so she has access to the emergency buttons. That will only work if she is sitting on the couch. I looked at the panic button and decided that would be useful for a desk or bedside situation.

I would like to see something light weight, chargable, and portable. Necklace (like Life Alert) or a bracelet that has a button that has to be held down to call an ambulance. If the button is activated any Ring users on that account should get an alert that the button has been pressed.


This is a very good idea, and would certainly make this closer to a more traditional alarm system.

Just try to explain to the kids how to set off the panic option and to remember which button to press shows the issue.

Excellant idea I am in the same situation or just be able to a third party button should not be hard to do.

I live with my geriatric in-laws, and we absolutely need a button that was meant to summon specifically medical care.

Better: Have two buttons on a panic device. A red shield for PD and a blue + for medical.

I’m less worried about needing the police here- we need the paramedics to be able to get here rapidly.

The lack of A panic button is putting me off installing a ring alarm. It should be a standard option

It would be nice for Ring to have an emergency call button pendant or watch like First Alert, or ADT has where a person can wear a device that they can use to call for help in an emergency. It would save the monthly cost of having two systems.

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Hi all
I have a idea. Is it possible for Ring to have a FOB? Like the ones that older people use when they fall or have other medical problems. You could add it to Ring security… Just a thought…

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The current panic button is too large and is not very well concealed. Would be nice to have a keychain fob to carry around


New Creation device - A Life Alert device that you can have on you. That you can push a button to get help in emergency. Like your panic button device.

I can’t word it better myself, but a user here posted this Accessory Request: Medical Alert Pendant
a few years back and commenters agreed.

Is this in the works at all?

I’d love my grandma to have a waterproof wearable with a button that can be set to perform certain actions (i.e. notifying me). It doesn’t even have to be listed as being for medical purpose if that would be an issue, it can just be marketed as like a wearable “function button”, and the user can specify what they want that function to be… Whether it’s calling 911 or turning on the cameras, etc.

This is a great idea because trying to access your phone is hard to do if your phone falls or whatever. I love my RING but having something to wear like Medical Alert would be wonderful especially if you can’t reach your phone.


Our family recently lost our dad, and our mom will now be living by herself in our large family home. Despite our hope that she would consider moving closer to family, she is choosing to remain independent and live by herself. Our mom does have certain medical issues and does have trouble getting around and sometimes uses a walker. Our entire family is a Ring customer, and we are trying so badly to find a way to hook up a pendant to the Ring Alarm System. There is a medical button on the keypad, but I’m not going to be able to put a string on that and have my mom wear it around.

Ring, please create a small medical alert device (pendant and bracelet options) for our aging parents. If there was a way to create one that also has fall detection, that would be ideal if the battery does not need to be recharged very often. We believe if it requires a lot of maintenance, it will not get used to its full intent.

This would create so much peace of mind for our family and seamlessly incorporate into our existing Ring apps / devices.