Porch/Garage Light Design

I would like to see Ring design a light cam that I can replace my porch or side garage door lights with. Ones that look like normal exterior fixtures. Not floodlights or stick up cameras but something like the latern style you would buy at Lowes. The lights could be on low at all times but when motion is detected they turn on high and the camera is activated. It would be an attractive alternative to the floodlights or other cameras available.

Current solution (Kuna / Maximus) offers this and mostly happy. However, my current solutions failure to implement useful integrations (SmartHome hubs, voice assistants, etc) make Ring awfully enticing except that they lack a porch light solution.
Porch light security cameras make so much sense as they provide constant power, easy install, integrated lighting, and are aesthetically pleasing (Ring flood lights and spot cams are just plain ugly and stick out like a sore thumb).

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I looked into Kuna / Maximus but it looks like they aren’t even developing the platform any longer. There are large gaps between social media posts and a promise of IFTTT integration years ago and it never happened. Ring please make something similar!