Poor wifi

Had doorbell 1 yr & still not working as poor WiFi signal! Checked with WiFi provider all good. Spoke with Ring & they suggested buy a chime pro 2 but reviews are really bad, I do not want to spend more money £49! If still won’t work. When you speak to customer service they just try to sell you new product. Their advert clearly says buy doorbell & all will be great they do not say you then have to purchase other Ring products to make it work. I wish I’d never brought it as it is so frustrating, I’m thinking of contacting Trading Standards as I am at a loss. Glad I’ve read other reviews so I know it is not just me

Hi @Tp2. We have a great Community Article that explains wifi connections as it relates to your Ring Doorbell. If your wifi signal is too weak due to distance or interference, it may perform poorly. A Chime Pro is a wifi extender that works specifically for Ring products. Once you have a Chime Pro online, you’ll need to connect your Ring Doorbell to the Chime Pro. Let me know if this information helps!