Poor WiFi

I have a poor RSSI figures in the region of 60 - 80 and on the Door Bell itself says that it has poor WiFi. My router is upstairs and I have hardwired from the Router to dowstairs then into a TP Link Poweline Adaptor and still the quality is poor despite the Chime being 2 inches away from the adaptor and the Door bell about 5 feet. Is there a foolproof way to make tis system reliable and consistant?

Hi @BarryG1. I would first follow these instructions here to ensure your Ring device is connected to you Chime Pro. Once the connection is established, your RSSI should improve. If it doesn’t, try moving your Chime Pro to different locations to see where you get the best results.

I’m investigating it in my network, and I found out all my Ring devices are connecting to the VERY first available wireless access point, NOT the one with the strongest signal. It’s a serious flaw and should be fixed asap but apparently no one cares. See my other post about it.