Poor wifi connection to stick up cameras

Hi all.
Seem to be having an issue like some others with poor wifi connection to the cameras. I have installed 2 stick up battery cameras at weekend. one to the back of the house and one to the front. The rear camera has RSSI -71 and is less than 2m from a tp link wifi extender. I have bought a powerline wifi extender today to try and help with the front camera. This is less than 1m from the wifi extender and still shows RSSI -77. This is very poor. I have looked through forums but can’t find a solution. Any tips or help ??
I have brought both cameras into house and put them next to router and reset them. I still only get RSSI-60
Surely this is not good

Hey there, @Roseyp. Thank you for including your Ring devices RSSI readings. There looks to be an indication of either interference, distance, or both. The best next step here will be to ensure your 2.4 Ghz wifi connection is being used, rather than a 5Ghz frequency. Next, try bringing one of the Cameras inside near the router and test an event, then read the RSSI for that area. Repeat this process adding several steps of distance each time until you reach the mounting location. This is a great indicator of areas that might be problematic for signal, and can help with extender placement. Keep in mind, the signal from the router to the extender is equally as important as the distance between the extender and Stick Up Cameras, as is the number of devices connected to each extender. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: