Poor RSSI - WiFi Long Range Needed

I have a Ring Doorbell Pro. I also have the Ring Chime Pro which helped my RSSI go from 75 to 68. So a tiny bit better. I have a very old home (built in 1938), 2000 sq ft., thick walls. The walls, I’m told by my cable/internet provider, are creating WiFi dead zones. Would getting an additional Ring Chime Pro or two, to essentially piggy back the one I have help get rid of these dead zones and better my RSSI?

A Power Line Adapter might work better.


Thank you very much. I will most likely give this a try.

BEFORE you invest in this. it would be a good idea to read all of the Questions & Answers AND the reviews to see whether your house will work with this (i.e. outlets being on the same circuit, etc, etc).

Thank you, DonC. I am carefully looking into everything before spending any money. ?