Poor RSSI on Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) with BT Smart Hub – PART II

After Ring sending me a new doorbell, and Chime pro, to try and resolve poor RSSI, I contacted my ISP BT about the poor RSSI……
A BT engineer came yesterday and did lots of testing on the BT Smart Hub router which, as suspected, is correctly positioned and really close to the Ring doorbell (about 3m), and working as it should. The engineer also replaced the wall socket and the broadband cable to the router (which are both only 9 years old), but this made no difference either. My broadband speed tests were all excellent too.

This is the interesting bit though. The BT engineer said that they are seeing lots of BT customers who have Ring doorbells who are having the same issue. BT is one of the largest ISP providers in the UK, with millions of users. Surely Ring should be fully compatible with BT routers?

Is there some sort of incompatibility between Ring devices and BT routers, does anyone else in the UK have this problem/know anything about it?
What would be a good alternative to a BT router – OpenReach, fibre, FTTP please? I know the Ring website lists somewhere on it routers that are best for Ring doorbells, but do these work/are available in the for BT OpenReach fibre?

@user62871 If your ISP is BT then you can use any router you want with FTTP. You just take the ethernet from the fibre ONT and plug it into the router. You need a user name and password but I believe for BT these are generic and you can probably get that info on the BT forum. However it might not help (although it might as ISP supplied routers tend to be on the lower end) as it could simply be your exterior walls blocking Wi-Fi. Nothing stops Wi-Fi dead like an exterior wall to be honest and WiFi issues are one of the main things you see complaints about on the forum. You are asking your router to transmit through an exterior wall to something (the doorbell) which is outside.

One thing to try is splitting the Wi-Fi bands and forcing the doorbell to use the 2.4 ghz as this has better wall penetration at the expense of speed, however you don’t need massive speed for a Ring doorbell. I think from memory you cant do the band split on the newer BT routers mind you. Anything decent from the likes of Netgear or TP link would be ok. Just make sure there is returns policy on it in case it doesn’t work any better.

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Thank you very much indeed. Much appreciated.

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