Poor Chime network

I have just installed my Chime pro, as the doorbell has poor WiFi connection. Now the Chime is Connected with task -43
But the doorbell just got to -63.
The distance between the 2 devices is just the wall, nothing else.
It seems that the Chime has a real poor antenna build in.
I have only issues with my doorbell. I bought the Chime also because my Alexa is stop working after 2 rings. No live view seen on Alexa.
So for me all those systems seems not really we’ll developed

Hi @Anke. I would try to reset your Doorbell and reconnect it to your Chime Pro. You can do this by pressing and holding the setup button down for 20 seconds, then releasing. After your Doorbell reboots, try to reconnect it to your Chime Pro. You can also try to reboot your internet router to see if that gives you a better wifi signal. I hope this helps!