Poor and Odd shopping experience via ring.com

Hi guys, i just want to share what happened to me rgds shopping via ring.com
I bought doorbell 4 via website 18 July and was trying to find out the status of the order after 5 working days but nothing show there only say it is confirmed

I dont know if that is common or just happened to me that order taking such long time to take a further action : shipping !!

meanwhile, i cant manage my order via my account but only go to community that the place i think for sharing experience about devices

This experience just remind me online shopping method back to 2000’s

To be honest, i wont purhcase any item through ring.com but only buy ring product from local retailer which is way easy and better communication.

Now, i am stuck becoz i cant cancel my order and i dont know what gonna happen to my order, if it is coming or not , fingers crossed

It seems a lot of folks have frustrations ordering direct from Ring so hopefully the moderators here will notice this and relay it to proper departments.

I like ordering through Amazon. They actually own Ring as of a few years ago. Amazon has shipping and tracking updates, great customer support via phone or chat, and easy returns for any defects or dissatisfaction. Plus if you wait to Prime Day, nearly all Ring products are on deep discount.

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