Pool Alarm

Would like to look into adding a Pool Alarm. Drowning is the #1 killer of children inder 4, & # 2 for children between the ages of 5-12. There are numerous aftermarket stuff, but it would be great to incorporate one alarm into everything. Yes we have the door & window chime when home, but to have the pool alarm ring to phone in case chime is not heard. I have a camera around pool area, but it is too broad of picture. Thanks for reading.

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I thought about how it would be good to have a pool alarm also. But a floodlight cam pointed at the pool would do the same: go off when there’s motion in the pool! And having a cam will cut down on false pool alarms. I will place a floodlight cam there to do just that.

Agree this would be a great enhancement for pools. A loud door alarm feature for select doors would be great for pool owners.

CaptQuay -

I suspect that Ring would be too afraid of potential liability issues to offer such a device.

Would the ring outdoor motion detector work? I am looking for an alarming device to let us know when the 6-year-old sneaks out to “get wet” at the pool.