Pointless promotion

Ring sent out a promotional email on Friday 15th October, offering discounts on a range of products, until midnight on Sunday 17th October.

As soon as I received the email I tried to order a new spotlight cam that I have been considering. It appeared that the camera I wanted, along with many other products, was out of stock.

I didn’t understand why Ring would send out a promotional email for items that couldn’t be ordered, so I rang Customer Support to query this, only to find that they were completely unapologetic and confirmed that you can’t even pre-order and wait for stock to arrive.

What’s the point of this ? I feel they are treating customers like idiots, especially if the promotion is also sent to existing customers who may have existing accounts and an established commitment to Ring products.

Sometimes I think they are just a joke company.
It makes me tempted to ditch them and switch to Arlo or someone else. :rage::-1:

Typically email promotions are thought out way in advance of when they get sent out.

Are the items actually out of stock or just back ordered by several weeks? I just checked Spotlight Cameras and all were in stock.

Perhaps it’s a UK thing. The Spotlight Cam Battery is the only variant available. The solar, wired and mount versions are out of stock in the UK and all are included in the ‘promotion’