POE Adapter vs POE Adapter (2nd Gen)

Hello, can someone tell me what is the difference is between the POE Adapter and the POE Adapter (2nd GEN)? I noticed that the original adapter has a 12v power output vs the 2nd Gen’s 56v output. Does this increase the distance you can run the cable for the door bell?

I currently have the original POE adapter with my elite doorbell and I would like to run it 100’. I know my CAT-6 cable will handle 300ft, but I wasn’t sure if I needed more voltage for distance.

Hi @Rick_Madik. The POE Adapter has a power input: 110-230 Volts AC and power output: 12 volts DC, 15.4 watts. The Gen 2 POE Adapter has a AC Input voltage rating: 110 - 240 Volts and AC Output Voltage: 56 Volts DC, 15.4 watts. Both of these are compatible with CAT-6. I hope this helps!

Hello Tom. Thank you for your response… I guess my real question is… can the original POE Adapter (12-volts output) be used with a 100’ CAT-6 cable? Does the voltage affect the distance?

Hey @Rick_Madik. As you mentioned, with CAT-6 you can use up to 300 ft. of cable without issue. I don’t see 100’ being an issue with the POE Adapter. To confirm, you can connect a 100’ CAT-6 cable to your POE Adapter and Ring Elite without permanently installing it. I would also use a high quality cable to ensure proper operation.

Thank you Tom… I installed it today and it works great!

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Great news @Rick_Madik! Glad to hear this worked out for you. Enjoy your POE Ring system!