Plus Plan

I just upgraded my Ring Doorbell from the Basic plan to the Plus plan. Now I want to add my flood Cam to the Plan but it is saying that I have to pay another $100 for a seperate plan. These devices are 20 feet away from eachother and are both on my network. Why does it think it’s in another geographical location and what can I do to resolve this? Very frustrated with this, especially since I just got a stick up cam tonight and I don’t dare hook it up with all these issues. TIA

Hey @JanCB. You will just need to move over the Floodlight Camera from the location that it is at, to the location with a Doorbell. A Plus Plan only covers all devices on one location, so they need to be on the same location. If you go into the location with the Floodlight Cam > Main Menu > Devices > Floodlight Cam > Device Settings > General Settings > Location > And then you will select the location with the Doorbell and Plus Plan, hit save, and then it should move the device over to the proper location and not tell you that it needs a plan!