Plug in adapter

Hello, i have been installing quite a few door bell in past few years

A second video door bell pro failed at one customer. The first one lost wifi connection. Did troubleshoot, door bell started to act weird. Call tech support, replaced door bell.

Second door bell lasted a day and lost wifi too. Even the app shows -55db signal level.

The door bell pro is powered by the plug in adapter gen 2.

I noticed that now the plug in adapter shows 24VDC. The ring door bell pro requires 16-24 V AC.

Speaking to tech support, she said no the door bell pro requires AC voltage. At first she said door bell need 16-24 Ghz. ???

Try to get info if there is another AC plug in adapter but she could not help me.

Second phone call, agent took note and said indeed this is weird and transfer me to higher level.

Then 3rd agent wanted to get pic of the plug in adapter and pics of the wires at the door bell. And also wanted to get customer on the line to authorize her to help me. Well customer had left already. Normally ring send an email or text to customer to authorize troubleshooting but that time the agent wanted to speak to customer directly.

Can anyone help me?

Why plug in deliver DC voltage?
Why ring tech support ( 3 diff agent) insists that door bell pro needs AC voltage?
Or should work and just a coincidence that 2 video door bell pro goes bad.

I would greatly appreciate some help.

Thank you in advance

Hi @user61996. As you can see from the screenshot below, the Ring Plug-In Adapter is compatible with the Ring Pro.

If you are connecting the device to a transformer, you need an AC transformer and not a DC transformer. The Plug In Adapter Gen 2 provides a Direct Current to the Ring Pro and provides the 24 V DC that the device requires to operate (Pictured below)

I hope this clears up any confusion about the Plug In Apater Gen 2 and the Ring Pro.

Yes the plug in is dc

The ring prog is ac

It does NOT answer my question

Furthermore, a transformer is always AC anyway.

I wish to add that when called tech support, they insisted that the power supply needed for ring door bell pro must be AC

Hence the confusion to see compatible the plug in adapter

Hi @user61996. Electricity can be a confusing subject. If you are connecting your doorbell to a transformer, you’ll need AC voltage. If you are connecting your doorbell to a power supply, you need DC voltage. The only approved DC voltage power supply is the Plug-In Adapter Gen 2.

Yes, indeed transformer provide AC.

I had two failed door bell pro hence wanted to verify combability as indicated phone tech support was keen that the door bell pro needed AC voltage. I guess then both were bad.
One item 3 agent were not able to tell me. What does mean when the circle light flashes from full white to half bright white, to full bright, half bright about every sec. Both failed door bell where doing the same. Ok , ring accepted to exchange them, but kind of wanted to learn what such light means. White light did not circle, just full white to half bright white or dim and so on.