plug in adapter for video doorbell 3 plus

hi, i am looking to buy a power adapter for the 3 plus. this is the one which is supposed to be compatible.

But i have read the specification on this and it says it has a 24VDC output. i was under the inpression that DC was not supported on the 3 plus as i have read that in one of the manuals regarding hardwiring. the first bullet point.

i raised this question to ring support but couldnt get a clear answer, and was told that it is infact AC output and not DC, but the website specification hasnt been changed yet. and i was just supposed to take his word for it that the adapter will work.

Has anyone used this plug in adater with a 3 plus and does it work properly ?


Hi @aidan_mcdonnell. First and foremost, let me say that the Plug-in Adapter Gen 2 does work with the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. To briefly and simply (sort of) explain the function of our Plug-in Adapter, our devices use a TRIAC. This is a solid state switch that requires AC to function properly. If you feed it DC power, it just gets stuck on forever until power is removed. AC wiggles back and forth so it can unlatch. DC means no wiggling and no unlatching. Our Plug-in Adapter Gen 2 adapter has a current sensor that shuts off power momentarily when it detects a short circuit which allows the TRIAC to un-stick. In short, this was designed with safety and reliability in mind. I hope this clears things up for you!

Hi Aidan, did you purchase the plug in adaptor from Ring and did it work ok?